Sinology 汉学

I am also a sinologist (East Asian Studies, China subplan). My two major interest are the History of Science(s) and Technology in China, and History of Music (and performance).

History of Science and Technology in China

I have worked mainly in the history from early sources up to the end of the Ming dynasty (XVII century), although recently I am also interested in the cultural interchange after the arrival of the Jesuits to the chinese court.

There is not one, but many sciences. Thus, my main areas of expertise are astronomy and mathematics, their relation with the cosmopolitical theory/practice of music, use of hydraulics (e.g. mass production) and metallurgy (e.g. bells, armillary spheres) in specific technologies, and some drops of alchemy (e.g. gunpowder).

I have been invited to write review and outreach articles in journals such as Historia National Geographic and give talks about these topics at several institutions.

I am also interested in the cultural, philosophical, and technical interweave between Astronomy and Music in Ancient China, for which I was invited to give, in collaboration with guzhengist Abigail R. Horro, a talk-concert at the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

Most of these outreach and public activities are organized under the umbrella of the Todos los Tonos y Ayres project.